Welcome to the Sweet Spot!~


Hey hey, we have a blog now! Yay!
The Sweet Spot is your place that is everything Sweet Bitz and stuff from the mind of the creator (that's me!).  Here you can learn more about the brand and what it's about. This will be a place where I'll share behind the scenes stuff, photoshoot photos, upcoming news and events, and basically anything related to my brand! You will see gaming stuff, you will see things on japanese street fashions, you will most definitely see some sweetz (of course). 
I want this blog to help me connect better with all of you. I always say I can't thank you all enough for your support because, well, I can't! So I want this to be place to help all of us relate to each. It's gonna be fun and I promise you'll all enjoy it! Can't wait to get the ball rolling with! Thanks for sticking around with me, Sweethearts!
Stay Sweet~
(here's my face that you all rarely get to see~)

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