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The fashion show is over! And wow, what an experience it was. I still can't believe it happened. This has definitely been my biggest Sweet Bitz project to date but I am so happy with the results of all the hard work. To everyone who came out to the show, thank you so much. To the folks who gave me advice on how to go about everything, thank you so much. To my ABSOLUTELY AMAZING MODELS WHO SLAYED ON THE STAGE, you all killed it and I can't thank you enough. I was so proud of all you. I never thought I would be seeing my clothing I designed on a stage like that, but now I know I am capable of doing as such. I'm proud of everyone, but I'm mostly proud of myself for pulling this off.

Now, on to the next. I finally finished editing some of the photos I got back from the show, and I can't wait for everyone to see them. There will probably be another blog post that will include all the photos so you can all see! But just as I finish one project, I have to roll into the next! There's going to be some amazing collabs this year that are already in the works for Sweet Bitz, but I can't say anything about it just yet. I can tell you all that another kickstarter is in the works so that will be fun! There's also going to be a spike in some magical energy coming to you all soon! Stay tuned, MGU fans!~

The SB shop is going to be busy for a bit, so sorry if there are gaps of radio silence. But, I want to make this brand the best that it can be for all you! Once again, thank you all for your continuous support. Stay sweet~


- Sharifa

Enjoy a few shots from the show below!

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