Magical Girl University


Alright, I know you all have been seeing it a bit more often than usual. There's a reason for that, but that is a total surprise. All I can say is something totally amazing is in the works and that I hope you all will love it~

But for now, let's just imagine. How awesome would a Magical Girl University be? Like, let's be real. I for one would do anything just to be there for a day! Imagine what that campus would look like? There more than likely would a shrine dedicated to Sailor Moon. Hell, that's a whole history class on its own. And the classes? Yes, please sign me up for Transformation 101 so I can have the flashiest sequence (complete with bright colors, of course). 

There would have to be uniforms because what is a magical girl without an adorable outfit to match? I'd imagine that the longer you're there, you get a better outfit each year. Or what if they're coordinated with their dorms. I'm thinking Harry Potter style, color coded and everything!

What kind of things would you expect from a Magical Girl Univeristy? Let me know below!

Stay Sweet~


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