It's been a Sweet Summer

It has most definitely been a Sweet Bitz filled summer. I think I have been nonstop and on the go with everything ever since the Katsucon J-Fashion show was over. Team No Breaks! Haha, that's not necessarily a good thing and I promise I will be taken a good, long, and well needed break when this year concludes. Just not yet!

This past July, we teamed up with DC Kawaii Style and We Heart TeeTee to put on a J-Fashion Show at Blerdcon! This was the first time coordinating an entire show with a team. It definitely was a learning experience from the process of choosing the models to planning out the entire flow of the show. We had our hiccups here and there, but over all the show went great and a lot of people loved it! Our models showed out in their different fashions and did amazing! I am hoping we will get to do it again next year, this time bigger and better! It was slightly less stressful being behind the scenes for once. Only slightly~

And right after Blerdcon, I had to roll right into preparing for our photoshoot for this amazing collab with Beastly Bootique and Chromatic Spectrum. Now this is something that I have been working on with these lovely ladies since Spring. This is also the first collaboration I've done with other brands as well! The combination of Sweet Bitz swimsuits and towels, ears and paws from Beastly Bootique, and wigs designed by Chromatic Spectrum has made the absolute cutest photoshoot that I have done to date. I can't thank the models and the photographer enough for their hard work, especially during one of the hottest days this summer! Seriously, it was like 105 degrees outside and we still made some kawaii goodness. I wish I could properly say how happy I am with the results of everyone's hard work because everything turned out absolutely amazing for everyone! Be sure to check out the latest swimsuits in the shop now!~

There is one more event before the summer is over and that will be this weekend! Sweet Bitz will be vending at Superstar Anime in Virginia Beach! The newest Pocket Camp pins from our Kickstarter (thank you to everyone who supported!~) will finally be on sale! If you're in the Hampton Roads area, be sure to come out!

Stay Sweet!



Enjoy these behind the scenes photos from our summer shoot!

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